Lauren Elizabeth Eldridge

Lauren Eldridge is a researcher, specializing in the study of music as impacted by gender and race.

Launching Revise to Resubmit!

Are you struggling to get past reader comments, questions or complaints regarding your journal article? Do you have a tricky chapter that needs a little something extra, but you can't quite put your finger on what that lagniappe is? I want to help! Revise to Resubmit will review both your writing and any accompanying reader comments, and contextualize the response. Let me help you move forward, and get this thing published!

My Qualifications

  • a PhD from the University of Chicago
  • a perennially sunny disposition

My Pricing Structure

  • Your writing is $1 per page
  • Each set of reader comments is $10

Your Potential

  • Maintain momentum on your ideas
  • Focus on the future, while I filter the feedback

Contact me at to get started!